National Dance Foundation was formed in 1981 when a group of dance-related organizations began a strong “grass roots” movement to bring greater recognition to dance. National Dance Foundation was established as a non-profit institution in 2011. Over the years, the organization’s dedication to its founding mission has inspired thousands of events during the ten-day annual celebration of National Dance Week in April, from gatherings in major cities to local showcases at small-town malls. Because they reflect the unique and creative abilities of the individuals and organizations who participate, an array of events, including the annual Flash Mob and annual Kick It Challenge, celebrate dance in unlimited ways throughout the year.

The NDF Board consists of an Executive Director, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and 10 additional board members who head various committees. A volunteer workforce is also made up of NDF Representatives from all facets of the dance world.


With a Mission Statement to "heighten the awareness of Dance and its contributions to our culture,” our goal is to encourage as many people as possible to “celebrate dance and promote fun fitness.” It is of the utmost importance that all dancers become involved and active in the programs and presentations held each year. Only through the dedicated work and concerted efforts of all dancers, will we ever reach our goal, ensuring that the American public will come to realize that dance is a true global language and can impact all facets of living! 

National Dance Foundation is the perfect venue for the dancers, themselves, to educate the masses and, in turn, gain an enlightened and vastly enlarged audience for their performances. Through participation in and interaction with the National Dance Week Foundation will come improved understanding, appreciation and recognition of that which we love....The Dance.

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