What makes us better

What makes us better?

Invite us... we'll show up! Since meetings are a great place to introduce a trip to your studio or theatre group, we can make that meeting easier and more productive than ever. We offer a service where a representative will come to your trip meeting to help present the trip and take questions from the lead guests as they arise. We will even stay after for those who have a few extra questions.

You're a dancer or director...not an accountant.  You've asked and we've listened. Now your families can pay us directly for most travel. We have a system in place enabling groups to pay for their travel directly at a "room level". Now you can go back to teaching and stop doing all that accounting! Please ask your tour representative for more details when you call.

Whether your group is paying at "group level" or "room level" we offer the convenience of credit card payments. Earn points on your favorite credit card while making safe and secure payments with us.